What is a Lightbox?

Lightbox is a useful tool for storing and organizing selected photos (previe images with the watermark). You can store selected photos in the lightbox folders, you do not need to download previews or record numbers of photos. You can create multiple folders and name them.

Tools and options of Lightbox

You can make various actions with your lightbox. You can remane or delte folders and its content. You can link to Lightbox selected folder, you can send it the customer or colleague via e-mail, or you can save the lightbox content into a PDF file and disptribute it. These preview images can be stored in a lightbox which once downloaded in a compressed ZIP file and thus save a lot of your time.

How to work with Lightbox function?

Lightbox can be displayed at the bottom of Web pages across the entire browser window. Lightbox height can also be adjusted simply by dragging the mouse at the top of the green line.
Once you open the lightbox, and remains visible all the time, wherever you are on our website. You can insert the preview image to lightbox directly from the page of thumbnail images and then also from pages with a bigger preview by clicking on the star.

Client subaccounts

If you use our tool "My clients", you can also refer to the Lightbox components of your sub-accounts.

Lightbox Lightbox

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