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Registration process and users account
Privacy and license
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Single images purchase and credits
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General questions

What does it mean "stock images"?
Instead of that you have to negotiate individually with each photographer that takes you to a suitable picture, "stock photo" represent a collection of photographs that are ready for immediate use. You have access to the whole collection of images with the same licensing terms, ie. negotiations are not burdened with photographers and registration of license agreements. In addition, the price of royalty free (RF) stock photography is much lower than the pictures on the contract. RF stock photo saves you the cost of models, photographer, rent, props, etc.

What does it mean "royalty free"?
Royalty free license type is when the user photos do not pay royalties for the reuse of the same photo. The Buyer shall not become the owner of the photograph, only receives permission (license) to use the photo. This license is non-exclusive and non-transferable to any other person or entity.

How often do you add some new content?
New files are added daily. Our goal is to offer an ever-expanding and ever better content. Newest photos can be found here.

Can I use images for my customers?
Yes, you can. All downloaded files are subject to standard RF license, available here.

Registration and user s account

Is the registration free?
Yes, it is free.

Why should I sign in?
Registered users have an access to applications that do not work without logging in, such as purchase, lightbox to store photos, search service and more.

Should I sign in before I purchase credits or single image?

Do I have to register (sign in) if I only want to browse the database?
No, you do not, but registration brings you some benefits, for example information about news and events sent by e-mail, free search service, lightbox etc.

How to register?
Click on the "REGISTRATION" in the top menu. Enter your e-mail address and choose a password for future logins. On the next page, fill in the required information and click "SUBMIT" and your registration is completed.
Registration can also be done through this link.

How long does it take to register?
Registration takes you few minutes. After registration, you can use your new user s account immediately.

Can I share my user account with my colleagues?
It is possible, but we do not recommend it. Sharing of usernames and passwords is always a security risk. If the customer is a company with more employees, we recommend to designate one employee as an account manager who will carry out all transactions in the user account.

What should I do if I forget my password?
Please, use this link and fill in the required information. Password will be immediately and automaticaly sent to you to your registered e-mail.

Can I change my password anytime?
Yes, you can. After logging into your user account, you can change your password. Likewise, you can change other data such as name, address, phone, etc.

Is it possible to unsubscribe my e-mail to not sending me promotional information?
Yes, it's possible, you can do this in your account in the "My Account", select "I don t want newsletter by e-mail", then we stop sending promotional e-mails to you. But we keep sending you important notices related to the operation of your user account.

Privacy and License

How do you protect my personal informations? Can my personal information be given to a third party?
We respect your privacy and therefore we protect your personal information. In any case, we don t provide, sell or allow an access to such information to any third party. More information is available on the Privacy page.

How can I use your photos and what are the limitations?
Please refer to the information on the License page.

What does Extended License mean?
Extended License means the use of files in those cases where the final product is intended for other wholesale or retail sale. For example the prints on mugs, t-shirts, posters, small items, calendars and other consumer goods. Images intended for this purpose cost from 20 to 60 credits.
Full text of Extended License on the Extended License page.

Do I have to pay again for an image for each repeated use?
No, you do not. RF license allows you to use photos repeatedly without additional charge.

Royalty free (RF) images

Why are your images cheaper than elsewhere? Is it because they have a lower quality?
We represent photographers from around the world. Many of them are professionals, but also amateur photographers. For this reason, all images are strictly checked to ensure the highest possible image quality. We sell a large number of images every day so this allow us to sell for lower reasonable prices.

Are all images "model released"?
Yes, the photos contain model release, unless stated otherwise (for example "editorial use only")

You say that images are royalty free. Does this mean that I can simply copy the photo preview and use the image?
No, you can not. You are required to pay a license fee (here in the form of credits) to use the image. Royalty free license means a one-off payment of license. Views of photos can be copied and used only for the purpose of graphic design or for presentation to the customer. They can t be used for the final product, whether personal or professional. Any unauthorized use of the image in violation of the licensing agreement will result in legal action should be taken.

What does mean "preview photo"?
"Preview photos" is a miniature original photos for display purpose on our website. These thumbnail photos can be copied and used only for the purpose of graphic design or for presentation to the customer. They can t be used for the final product, whether personal or professional.

Is it possible to obtain previews for free in the higher resolution for our customer?
No, unfortunately, it's not possible. The system is fully automated and any individual requirements such as larger previews and thumbnails are not possible.

I have downloaded the photo in JPEG compressed format. It is possible to obtain the original photo in uncompressed TIFF?
We receive all photos from photographers only in JPEG format. Due to the high data size of TIFF format we do not store these originals.

Is it possible to have exclusivity for a certain photo?
The nature of royalty free license shows that it is not possible to obtain exclusivity for the use of images. Royalty free images can be purchased by many customers nonexclusive in the same time.

How long can I use the photos?
There is no time limit to use a photo. Once purchased photos (license) can be reused indefinitely.

In what color model are photos stored?
The photos are in RGB format.

What is the difference between RGB and CMYK?
RGB is a color format for display on the screen or monitor. CMYK is the format used for printing technology. RGB model combines three colors: red, green, blue. CMYK model combines 4 color (ink) printing: cyan (blue), magenta (red), yellow (yellow) and black (K).
The difference between these two color models are reflected when you want to print a document displayed on the screen. Some of the colors on the monitor model is not able to print CMYK, and therefore may occur color difference between the display and the print results. For this reason, we recommend always check it carefuly before printing by a professional.

Is it possible to convert RGB to CMYK?
Yes, you can use to convert most of the photo editing programs such as Adobe Photoshop.

Illustrations are layered (in layers)?
All illustrations, photographs and graphics are single layer.

For how long are saved photos that I once downloaded in download history?
Once downloaded photos are saved in your download history. After a period of 7 days from the download can be repeated download without deducting more credits. After this period, it is no longer possible to re-download the photos for free. A record of all purchased photos and thumbnails remain in history download the entire existence of your user account. We recommend that you always perform a backup of downloaded photos for future use.

I downloaded the photo some time ago, but now I can not find it in your download history, I can not find it in the database. What should I do?
This photo was probably completely removed from our photo bank. Delete from the menu happens only at the request of the photographer, who gave us a picture. So if the photo was removed from the menu, it can not be re-downloaded.

Where can I find out how many credits I have left?
Status of your credits you can check in the upper right corner of the page or in the "My Account".

Single images purchase and credits

What are credits?
Credits are units in which you pay for photos. Pictures by size and license costs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or more credits. You can buy various amounts of credits. For each photo that you download from your account are subtracting the appropriate number of credits according to the size of the downloaded image.

Will credits expire?
Credits will expire only in the event that since your last download expired more than one year.

How do I purchase individual (single) photos?
If you want to purchase only one selected photo and you do not buy credits, select your image, click on the preview and purchase from the page "Image details".

How many photos can I download per day?
There no daily download limits.

I have credits on my user account. Can they be exchanged for cash?
The unused balance of credits can not be exchanged for cash.

What should I do if an error occurs during downloading? Do you return credits of incompletely downloaded photo?
In that case, you can feel free to download the photo repeatedly without losing credits. Re-download of the same image (in the same size) is free of charge within 7 days from the first download.

Do you charge re-download the same photo more than once?
No, re-download of the same image at the same size is free of charge. However, if you downloaded the same photo in another size, the new size is already charged by the appropriate amount of credits.

earch tools and Lightbox

How do I find pictures?
You can enter english keywords in the search bar at the top left of the page. To enter multiple search terms, please use the tool "Advanced Search".

Do you offer free search service?
Yes, we offer free help to search right photos from our database, but only for registered users. Please, fill in the form "Search service" in your user account and send us your requests.

Where can I find detailed information attached to the photo?
Click on the "Detail" link under each thumbnail photo.

What is a Lightbox?
Lightbox is a useful tool for organizing photos. you can save the selected photos to lightbox, you do not need to download a comping image or write the photo number. To access this tool, you must be a registered user.

How does lightbox work?
Lightbox is a useful tool for storing, organizing and downloading of selected photos. You can create subfolders and name them. Content of Lightbox (preview images) can be sent to the customer or colleague via e-mail (or link to content of lightbox to our site), or you can save the contents of Lightbox to PDF and send to anyone. Previews of photos stored in the Lightbox can be also downloaded in ZIP file.

I added a photo to lightbox some time ago, I would buy it, but now the lightbox does not contain it.
This photo was probably completely removed from our photo bank. Removal from the menu happens only at the request of the photographer, who gave us a picture. So if the photo was removed from the menu, it can not be downloaded.

Purchase and payment methods

How should I proceed to purchase images?
You should follow 3 simple steps:
1. Registration
You must first create a user account and fill in your billing information.
2. Buy credits
Select the number of credits you need and make a payment.
3. Download
Once you have purchased credits, you can download photos. There is no limit as to the number of photos downloaded per day. If your account balance will remain unused credits you can still keep dowloading.

What are payment options?
Currently, there are two possible ways to pay - and / by proforma invoice with bank transfer ab / by credit card.

  1. Once you choose the amount of credits and , the system will automatically generate a proforma invoice (request for funds) and send it to you via e-mail. Once we identify your payment to our bank account will be credited immediately to the appropriate number of credits to your user account and again inform you by e-mail. Invoice will be sent by e-mail to you, you can also download it from the user's account.
  2. When choosing to pay by credit card credits will be immediately credited to your user account. Photos can be downloaded immediately and without any delay.

I'm trying to buy credits, but the system reports an error. What should I do?
Please contact us in the event of an error.

Do you offer any discounts?
You get discount on every purchase of credits. You will receive "bonus credits" with every purchase of credits. You can use these bonus credits for another purchase of credits, you need to collect at least 15 bonus credits. In addition, we send discount "promo codes" that can be used when purchasing credits.


How can I download photos after I buy credits?
Click on the link "detail" under the small preview. On the next page, select the photo size you need. Click on the link "Download" and save the image to your computer.

How long does it take to download photos?
Download time depends on the size of the image data and speed of your Internet connection. But the length of downloading is not longer than several minutes.

Where can I find a record of my previous downloads?
Please login to your user account. In "My Account", click on "Download History", you will find a record of your downloaded photos.

How do I download a photo, which I had previously downloaded? Will re-download affect the status of my credits?
The image can be downloaded again from your "Download History". This re-download is free of charge within 7 days of first dowload, at this time you will not be charged by more credits.


Is refund possible?
Yes, a refund is possible under following conditions:

  • you must request a refund in writing within 5 working days since payment by e-mail
  • you have not downloaded any photo from your order yet
  • we can only return the full amount of your order
  • >

If you meet these conditions, we will send you a credit note, after confirmation we will refund your money back.

Technical questions

I registered but can not log in to my user account. What should I do?
Please first check the accuracy of your e-mail address and password and if you enter it correctly. If you still can not login, please contact us.

In case of any technical questions or problems, please contact us Mon-Fri 8:00 am to 7:00 pm CET

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