My Clients

Service "My clients" allow you to create suba-ccounts for your customers or colleagues.
For axample if you are an advertising agency and your client are looking for suitable photos, you can just use this service - it is right for you. Or if your are company with more designers which need to search various topics in one time for various purposes. In that case you can create more sub-accounts for each colleague for their work.

You can create new sub-account with specific login for your customer / colleague to your existing user account.
Your customers may search images and create lightboxes in their sub-accounts. Lightboxes contain all functions as main user accounts. You (as an user of main acount) can also look into all your sub-accounts and see searched images of your customers/ colleagues.

Your communication with your customer will be much easier.

You can create an unlimited number of sub-accounts with unlimited number of lightboxes.

After logging into the sub-account Your customer will see your logo in the header of our website, they may only search photos and store them in their Lightbox. They will not be permitted to purchase credits or single images. Only you can realize an order.

Avantages of "My clients":
- your logo displayed in the header after logging in
- online overview of the current selection of photos of your customers or colleagues
- easier transfer of selected photos

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